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The Bible 

April 2020 

Have you ever read the bible?

Do you know it contains stories?

That tell of God's Love for all of humanity?

And this includes you and your loved ones

Jesus loves you..... Has anyone told you that?

I am telling you today that He does

Before you were ever born a Muslim,

Jesus gave His life for you

The story of Jesus Christ the Son of God

Is one of such stories of love in the bible

Have you been told not to read the bible?

I tell you in it are truths that make one free

What is the assurance you have that you

Will make heaven?

Are you sure of that place of bliss?

Are your works enough to take you through?

Will you make it? Are you sure?

This one thing I am so sure of that

Jesus can give you an assurance of heaven

Because He died to secure a place for you there

It is not by works when it comes to a place with Jesus

It is by grace, it is by believing......

That He died for your sins

It is by accepting that He is the Son of the Living God!

And all these you can only read in the bible.


May 2020

HFor Jehovah God so loved the world

that He gave His only begotten Son,

that whoever believes in Him should not

perish but have everlasting life.

New King James Version John 3:16 (NKJV)

In Islam it is known that

Allah does not beget

And Allah is not begotten,

But have you considered the possibility

That Allah might not be Jehovah?

Simply because in Christianity

Jehovah is called the Father.

I believe there is Jehovah

And I believe there is Allah

But the question is are they

One and are they same?

If Jehovah is Allah,

Why is He a Father to the Christians

And a Master to the Muslims?

Why does He visit and speak to Christians

And yet very distant to Muslims?

Why is He so real to Christians

And also very real to Muslims?

Why has He given Christians

assurance Of eternity with

Him and His Son Jesus?

And the Muslims are not

Assured of where each one

Will spend their eternity?

Why does He watch Muslims

Strive to meet Him?

When He does all things to

Please the Christians?

Why does He require works

From Muslims

But then gives grace

To Christians?

Have you thought about all these?

Jehovah is real and Allah is real

But they are not the same.

h i d d d h h

I have experienced and encountered Jehovah

And He is nothing like the God Muslims

Describe Allah to be.

Jehovah is in love with man

Allah is indifferent to man

How can they be one and same?

My opinion is my opinion

What you believe is what you believe

However, a little effort to find out

More about these two will not hurt at all.

Hell is real and only those who do not

Believe in Jesus as the Son of God,

Who died for their sins end up there.

But in Islam all those whose good works

Are lesser to their bad deeds end up there.

Jehovah and Allah have nothing in similar.

In nature and in character,

Both are very, very different.

You owe yourself this favour,

Finding out who the true God is!

Jesus is the begotten Son of Jehovah

And Jehovah is proud to be called

Our Father, my Father and your Father!

I am not a servant to Jehovah

As a matter of fact I am His child.

Whatever proof you want,

To believe that Jesus is

The Son of God,

Whatever you would want to hear

From Jehovah God himself as

Testimony that Jesus is His Son.

Are all wrapped around the death

And resurrection of Jesus Christ

The son of God.

Any Like Jesus 


Have you seen anyone like Jesus?

Who interrupted a funeral procession.

Wiped away the tears of a hopeless widow,

Raising her dead son back to life.

He turned a funeral into a celebration,

Broke the grip of death and pains.

Have you seen anyone like Jesus?

Who multiplied five loaves and two fish.

Feeding fi ve thousand men,

Besides women and children.

Who saw they were tired and hungry,

Wandering like sheep without shepherds,

Gave them rest, and had compassion on them.

Have you seen anyone like Jesus?

Who was strolling upon the sea of Galilee,

Ready to pass by the man-made boat,

Enjoying the breeze of the eventide.

Even though it was boisterous and tempestuous,

Everyone was frightened but not Him,

For He made the wind and the waves.

Have you seen anyone like Jesus?

Who touched a leper with compassion?

He whom no one would dare to touch

For the fear of being unclean.

Yet Jesus touched regardless.

Setting a new order, embracing an outcast.

Giving meaning to his life.

Have you seen anyone like Jesus?

Who like a sheep was led to the slaughter,

Laid down His life for you and me!

And rose again from the dead for our

Liberty and justification. Alas!

Death could keep Him back, it is not His match.

He is Resurrection.

Life emanates from Him.

The Son of God without a doubt.

The Lord and Saviour. Master of the universe!


Have you seen anyone like Him?

I bet you haven't!