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Seeds Of Faith

Faith in christianity is not defined and seen as same in islam. For muslims, faith is the affirmation in allah, his books, his messenger, his angels and his day of judgement. Therefore the mentioning of faith to muslims  is simply about the sincerity of your hearts to the existence of allah through your righteous deeds and the actions of your submission to his will. 

Faith is nothing of that nature in christianity. Faith is a very powerful force of command applied for the working of change in situations and circumstances. In the bible, in the book of Hebrew chapter 1 verse 1-2, Faith is defined as the substance of things HOPED for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen. By it, that is FAITH, the ELDERS, like ABRAHAM, DAVID and many others obtained a GOOD REPORT. 

Faith for us in christianity is a weapon used to make things happen, change levels in our spiritual growth and to relate with Jehovah God in a much deeper depth. It is the most powerful force in the universe given by God Himself to every man on the face of the plant. In order words, a man can stir up faith in himself if such man ponders on the reality of God as present with us in creation. The testimonies of His power,  the hearing of His actual WORD from the bible, these stir and build faith. 

As you read any of the write ups below you are collecting seeds of faith that will grow in you to produce result for you in the area of DIVINE HEALING and other areas of your life. Be blessed as you read to build up your faith.


Click On Any The Write Up To Build Up Your Faith

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